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Summer School for Chinese students

Three days ago I, together with 18 students from Concord College of Fujian Normal University arrived in Pinsk, Belarus. During the past days we all fell in love with this country because of its beautiful natural scenery, its culture and people here. We stayed at Polessky State University, which is a modern and well-equipped university. Teaching staff here are warm-hearted and arranges a variety of lectures on Belarus culture and education, which made us get familiar with this country. Moreover, the volunteer students of Polessky State University are very helpful, they help us a lot and make us feel at home.
Many thanks to Polessky State University for giving us the chance to visit your country and in particular to know more about this university as well as this country.

Wu Bingqian
University teacher

I’m very happy to be here because of cool weather and tasty food. The most important thing is that I’ve made many new friends in Belarus. I love Polessky State University! I love Belarus!

Fang Songya

Firstly, I think people here are very enthusiastic and if I have any questions or problems, they will answer patiently. And they are also very good at chatting. So we don’t feel bored here. What surprises me most of all is that they have much spirit every day.
Secondly, when I arrived in Belarus, I thought that the air is very fresh here. The nature is not contaminated by any pollution. Although it is summer here, I can fell very cool all the time. There are many trees and grass here.
Thirdly, this university is very big and has many students getting education here. And there are lots of interesting courses, which attract me so much and the university pays great importance to the students’ study.

Tang Zhen Wei

My first impression is that Belarus is very beautiful. There are many colorful houses and buildings. People here are very kind. The teachers and the students of Polessky State University give us much help. And we learned many things about Belarus such as its history, culture and scenery. I’m glad to be here and meet very nice Belarusian people.

Chen Zhu

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