Problems and perspectives of the "University 3.0" project implementation

  On October 8, 2020 scientific and methodical seminar "Problems and perspectives of the "University 3.0" project implementation”  in the Republic of Belarus at present , took place in the National Institute of Higher Education.
   Polessky State University is a participant of this experimental project. Konstantin K. Shebeko, Professor, Rector of the university, and Olga Zolotareva, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, took part in the seminar.
The concept "University 3.0" was developed in 1998 by Burton R. Clark and introduced into the scientific circulation the term "Entrepreneurial Universities". In Russian literature the term "University 3.0" is used more often. University 3.0 is a higher education institution capable of attracting additional financial resources to support its activities, a university that uses innovative teaching methods, establishes close cooperation with the business community, and implements the developments of university researchers. Teachers and graduates at University 3.0 create innovative companies, and the university is also entrepreneurial in its type of management team activity.
  Polessky State University creates favourable conditions for students and teaching staff to form high-tech startups (PinskInvestWeekend project) and has powerful research center that produces and markets new scientific and technological products and attracts non-government financial resources. Under the initiative of the University, an innovation and industrial cluster in the field of biotechnology and green economy was created in Polessky region.
   The seminar analyzed the road maps implementation stages of the participants in experimental activities; adjusted the project content; considered the transformation of the educational process; and summarized the experience of project participants in involving students and teachers in innovative and entrepreneurial activities.