Rowing is for those who is strong in spirit!

Rowing has an important place in the modern system of physical education. It is developed in children's and youth sports schools, Olympic reserve schools, Olympic reserve centres and higher educational institutions.
In 2014 Polessky State University for the first time enrolled students in the speciality 1-88 02 01 "Sports- pedagogical activity" and in the speciality 1-88 02 01-01 "Canoeing and rowing, academic rowing".  In 2020 it is planned to enroll 20 people for this specialty. The faculty is waiting for new rowers!
During their studies at the university students-rowers have the opportunity to improve their skills; conditions for training have been created (2 rowing bases of the university), talented students are trained on an individual schedule, participate in international and national competitions.
In 2020, 9 graduates who successfully passed final state exams and were sent to work in their specialty received a rowing coach diploma.
Depending on the purpose, objectives and nature of the organization of rowing work, rowing can be considered as a means of active recreation, health promotion and special physical fitness of the population.
Rowing is part of the programme of various competitions and events, ranging from competitions in physical training teams to World Championships and Olympic Games. Rowing is also of great practical importance as it contributes to the acquisition of skills that can be used at home, at work and in the navy. The applied importance of rowing was clearly demonstrated during the Great Patriotic War when our troops forced the Don, Dnieper, Vistula, Oder and many other rivers.
Public organizations engaged in the development of rowing sport in the country are federations in rowing: academic (Belarusian Rowing Federation), rowing and canoeing (Belarusian Canoe Association). The federations manage the work of the corresponding federations in the regional centers, as well as in Children and Youth Sports Schools, Olympic Training Centers, Olympic Reserve schools, etc. These public organizations bring together on a voluntary basis organizers, researchers, coaches, sports judges, athletes and a public asset.