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«Digital University» Project: officially

In 2020, the implementation of the State Program on Development of Digital Economy and Information Society for 2016-2020 will be completed. Measures aimed at transforming traditional business processes through the introduction of information and communication technologies in all areas of economic activity, including education play an important role in the program.
In 2017, the Minister of Education approved the Conceptual Approaches to the Development of the Education System of the Republic of Belarus until 2020 and in the future until 2030.
The document set a task to create by 2020 the information and communication environment in the educational space. And in the future up to 2030 there is a task to develop educational technologies, interactive learning tools, multimedia platform for the remote provision of educational content, as well as the formation of automated information and analytical system for the collection, storage, processing and analysis of data, which will allow for early diagnosis of gifted young people, identify negative or positive trends in teaching methods and educational programs.
These program documents were the basis for activating the processes of digitalization of educational environment, including the creation and implementation of the "Digital University" project. The implementation of the project "Digital University" is supplemented by the project "University 3.0", which is being implemented by Belarusian universities, the purpose of which is "complex development of research, innovation and business infrastructure of higher education institutions in order to create innovative products and commercialization of intellectual activity results".
For several years, Polessky State University has been creating the conditions for the full implementation of the projects "University 3.0" and "Digital University". At the beginning of 2020 a package of documents for joining the project "University 3.0" was prepared, and in April the pilot phase of the project "Digital University" started, which will determine the direction of the educational process in the digital environment, as well as the direction of digitalization of the research, innovation and business structure of the university.


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