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The Сluster on Biotechnology and “green economy” held a number of events on May 18, 2018

Within the framework of the Concept of Innovative Industrial Cluster Development in the Field of Biotechnology and “green economy” a number of business events was held at Polessky State University: a meeting of the Innovative Industrial Cluster Council, Pinsk Invest Weekend-10, and a seminar for cluster participants.
At the meeting of the Cluster Council the Concept of its development was discussed and key issues of its implementation were considered. Technopark “Polessye” as a cluster development organization presented the Cluster Project for the approval of the Council. The Rules of Council Procedure were approved.
During the seminar cluster participants concentrated on the analysis of the work done to implement the International Technical Assistance Project on the Organization of Organic Berries Growing in Transboundary Areas of Ukraine and Belarus. They presented the opportunities for the Training Center created in the frame of the project, a number of training programs on making berry plantations, the balance of fertility of berry plantations and berry production marketing.
Twelve innovative projects were presented at Pinsk Invest Weekend-10, both in the traditional directions for this event – “Biotechnology”, “Commercial projects”, “Social projects”, and the novelty of Pinsk Invest Weekend-10 – the category “Start”, in which two projects of Polessky State University lyceum students were presented to the experts.


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