On February 27th,2019 a water tournament dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the foundation of the BSSR “For Belarus!” was held among the students of vocational schools and universities of Pinsk.

The tournament had 6 competitions including team greetings, “ferry”, “pearl catchers”, relay with lifebuoy, dribbling, 6x25 m relay and the quiz on the 100th anniversary since the foundation of the BSSR.
The team of the University was represented by the students of the Healthy Way of Life Organization Faculty (specialty Sports - Pedagogical Activity):

Lusevich Maxim - captain, 3rd year student, gr.16SPA-1;
Buslovich Aleksey, 3rd year student, gr.16SPA-1;
Voytyuk Ruslan, 2nd year student, gr.17SPA-1;
Kirp Karpovich, 2nd year student, gr.17SPA-1;
Okysyuk Yulia, 2nd year student, gr.17SPA-1;
Leonenko Anastasia, 1st year student, gr.18SPA-1.

According to the results the team of Polessky State University is the winner of this water tournament. Our congratulations to the team!