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05/03/2019 Trends and prospects for the functioning of the tax system in the Republic of Belarus

The Banking Faculty of Polessky State University on March 5th, 2019 organized a meeting with Radtsevich Anatoly Vasilyevich , the head of the Supervision Authority of the Ministry of Customs and Duties of Pinsk.

During the conversation, first-year students of the Banking Faculty, as well as students of the Preparatory and Upgrading Faculty, specializing in “Taxes and Taxation”, became familiar with the theoretical aspects of taxation and the practical aspects of the activities of the Supervision Authority of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties in Pinsk, updated their knowledge of taxation of individuals and enterprises, received information about the possibility of practical training in the structural units of the Inspectorate.

The meeting turned out to be informative, the students listened to the speaker with great attention and actively asked questions. Such events are of particular importance both in the educational process and in terms of the possible employment of university students.

We express our gratitude to Anatoly Vasilyevich Radtsevich, Head of the Supervision Authority of Ministry of Customs and Duties in Pinsk, and look forward to further cooperation in educational and educational work with the Pinsk Supervision Authority, which has already become traditional.


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