09.04.2019 Seminar “Frustrations of Mature Personality and Behavior in Medical and Educational Practice”

On April 9th, an open seminar was held at the Healthy Life Organization Faculty: “Frustration of a mature personality and behavior in medical and educational practice”. The seminar was prepared by full-time and part-time students of the 3rd course from groups number 16PRE-1, 16PRE-1z under the guidance of A.P. Apanovich, the senior teacher of the department. The task of the seminar was to introduce future specialists and tutors with the problem of personality disorders and ways to identify them. In addition, issues of character correction and   individual behavior with high levels of aggression and impulsivity were discussed, as well as measures aimed at preventing such crimes based on such problems. 

The workshop was attended by students and tutors of the Healthy Life Organization Faculty. 

We thank the participants and organizers of the seminar! Special thanks to the staff of the library of  Polessky State University - Sakovich Diana Nikolaevna and Boyko Svetlana Stepanovna - for organizing a thematic exhibition for the seminar and helping in the selection of scientific literature for speakers, and also we want to thank Shuliak Pavel, for the informational and technical support of the workshop.