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On 24 April 2020, Polessky State University held an online event as part of the UN75 Discussions.

Within the framework of cooperation with UNDP in Belarus, Polessky State University held an international event as part of the UN75 Youth Discussions. The thematic basis was aimed at developing a strategy to respond to the medical situation and long-term socio-economic challenges, including a rationale for approaches to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the areas affected by the Chernobyl accident.
The organizational component of the online discussion corresponded to the pilot project "Digital University", which is being actively implemented in Polessky State University, with the implementation of real-time remote access to it by more than a hundred participants, including scientific and technical experts from Ukraine.
The event included a presentation by UNDP in Belarus, UN75 online survey and thematic discussions: "Socio-economic rehabilitation and development of regions", "Presentations of regional projects (Pripyat Polessye region)", "Climate change and regional economies", "Innovations and emergencies: technogenic (Chernobyl), medical (COVID-19), natural (forest and peat fires)".
The scientific basis for the presented projects were the developments of Polessky State University and “Technopark “Polessye” LLC created on the platform of the functioning Innovation Industrial Cluster in the field of biotechnology and green economy.
This event is the first on the way to establishing substantive interaction between UNDP in Belarus and Polessky State University with active involvement of student youth.



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