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27.01.2019 Belarusian Science Day

The Day of Belarusian science is celebrated on the last Sunday of January. Belarus celebrated it having been a part of the USSR, on the third Sunday of April. After the formation of a new sovereign state, the holiday was postponed to January.

The date was coincided with the foundation of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences (created on January 1, 1929).
Science is the foundation of the university, the foundation of its existence, and the achievements of scientists were and will be a source of pride for both the country and the region. This celebration is for those who devote their lives to obtain new knowledge.  

We heartily congratulate
the staff of the university, their employees,
and students on the Day of Belarusian science!
We wish new discoveries for the benefit of people, their implementation, well-being, good health!
The staff of the library prepared a book exhibition in the reading hall of the 3rd educational building devoted to the celebration.
"Science is a catalyst for economic growth . "
We invite everyone to visit the exhibition!

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