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Adopting the experience of the People's Republic of China-international seminar on maintenance and management of sports facilities

Head of the Department of management and marketing at the "Polessky State University" Gush Pavel Vasilyevich from June 21 to July 11, 2018 took part in the International seminar on maintenance and management of sports facilities for developing countries. The main purpose of the seminar is to study and clarify the concept of the development of sports in modern China to improve the possibility of service and management of sports facilities, as well as to promote multilateral or bilateral cooperation.
During the seminar, p. V. Gushcha studied the development of the sports industry in the People's Republic of China, got acquainted with the main sports facilities, analyzed the management process of sports facilities, received information about the features of the sports games management system, and also visited the national Olympic center.
The seminar was attended by representatives of 17 countries. Lectures by senior officials from the Chinese sports system, University professors and sports game management specialists helped to gain a lot of experience in the organization and management of sports facilities. Within the framework of the seminar activities, the search for new opportunities for cooperation with Polessky state University was carried out.
During the seminar program, study tours were carried out to the national Stadium, the national center for water sports, the College of professional sports and the Institute of science and technology of sports in Hunan province, the Olympic sports center in Jinan, the company for the production of sports equipment Taishan Sports Industry group and many other sports facilities.
In the framework of negotiations with representatives of the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC (Ministry of Commerce), the China Institute of sports science (China Institute of Sports Science) and Academy for international representatives (Academy for International Business Officials) discussed possible areas of cooperation with EE "Polessky State University".
As a result of the events, information materials and contacts with representatives of institutions, departments, ministries of the participating countries were exchanged.

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