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The anniversary of Pinsk INVEST WEEKEND

On the 18th of May, 2018 Pinsk INVEST WEEKEND-10 took place at Polessky State University.
12 projects were represented during the event. The projects, for the most part, are already at the realization stage and preliminary experimental work has already been carried out.
PINSK INVEST WEEKEND-10 is an anniversary event at which activity results were announced and memorable gifts were given. Thus, Krupskiy Dmitriy Marianovich, the head of the department of economic innovation activity of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus was awarded as an expert who took part in 8 Invest Weekends held within the framework of the start-up school of PolesSU.
The work of inspirers, i.e the lecturers who guided many projects, was awarded as well: Makarushko Vladimir Vladimirovich, Shtepa Vladimir Nikolaevich and Vodchits Natalia Vasilyevna.
And, of course, those innovators who several times represented their projects on Invest Weekends were awarded. These are the students working hard at their creative ideas: Kozyr Alexei, Yarmosh Viktor, Zborovsky Vladislav, Kalinina Yana, Kohovich Lyudmila and Masailo Tatiana.


Project name Team members Nomination
Ergotherapeutic Center Creation
Swan-Velikanova Catherine
Basalyga Anastasia
Khodko Evgeny
The most commercially attractive project
The most socially significant project
Hydroponic Green Feeds Production
Alexey Kozyr
Gichko Svetlana
Shuba Svetlana
The most commercially attractive project
Applicant of Belarus
Lositsky Vyacheslav Leontyevich
Zborovsky Vladislav
Garkovic Christina
Gatz Sergey
Kalinin Yana
Kokhovich Lyudmila
The most creative approach to solving the problem
The Best Internet Startup
Educational Center “Aquafitness” Bulyga Victoria
Shimanskaya Tatiana
The most innovative project
Ecological Park in the Suburbs Volkova Victoria
David Yegor
The best project team
Shop without Packaging
Guscha Pavel Vasilyevich
Terentieva Elizabeth
Skorohod Olga
Ostrikova Nadezhda
The best project team
Protection of Homeless Animals in Pinsk Bilinskaya Natalya People's Recognition


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