February 27, 2019 Visit of the Minister of Economy

On February 27, 2019 Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus Dmitry Krutoy paid a business visit to Polessky State University. During the visit the scientific achievements of the University researchers, which are the intellectual and commercial basis of the innovation and industrial cluster in the field of biotechnology and green economy, were demonstrated.

In particular, the technologies of growing clarium catfish in closed water supply facilities, water purification systems, equipment for the reproduction and cultivation of fish planting material of valuable fish species (incubation apparatuses and fry lines), aquaponics systems, technology for obtaining and growing live feeds, as well as innovative feeds for valuable fish species based on domestic raw materials were presented.

In the field of plant growing the technology of clonal micropropagation of plants was demonstrated. It can reduce the cost of production of planting material for economically valuable plant species. The staff of the research laboratory of plant cell technologies have developed technological regulations for a number of plant species, among which it is possible to highlight tall blueberry, ornamental coniferous plants, black-fruit aronia, etc. Active research is being carried out in creating LED lighting fixtures to increase agricultural plants productivity and develop a technology of clonal micropropagation of felt - a perspective source of cheap wood for the national woodworking industry. The demand for the laboratory in the market of scientific-technological production is proved by numerous economic contracts on the production of planting material.

On the basis of the branch laboratory of complex maintenance of agricultural animals the system of support of decision-making and the computer program "Cow Ration" was shown. All the elements of the technology are combined to ensure full feeding of farm animals, reduce the number of alimentary diseases and increase the efficiency of feed use in animal husbandry.

After the visit to the branch research laboratories a round table meeting was held with the participation of the Minister, the administration of the Pinsk District Executive Committee, and the university administration under the chairmanship of Konstantin Shebeko, rector of the University. The issues of further development of the innovation-industrial cluster in the field of biotechnologies and green economy were discussed. The Minister of Economy highly appreciated the work of the staff of Polessky State University in the field of science and cluster development.