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The First International Week

Within the framework of the First International Week, organized by the colleagues from the Ternopil National Economic University, Polessky State University had the opportunity to discuss prospects for cooperation, to exchange experience in the implementation of projects and to identify areas for collaboration.
Presentation of international programs, networking, workshops, lectures of professors from leading universities in Poland, Lithuania, Canada – a brief list of arrangements, in which the delegation members from Polessky State University consisting of the dean of the Economic Faculty, Zborina I. M., the dean of the Continuous Training Faculty, Khmel O. A., the head of Management and Marketing Department, Gushcha P.V., and the students of the Economic Faculty, Stahovets D. and Zasim K. participated.
At the end of the visit the program for further cooperation was approved. This will enable the professors and students of our universities to implement joint educational and scientific projects.
We thank our colleagues for the invitation and new possibilities for enhancement of international cooperation!


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