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Five reasons to enter the Economics and Finance Faculty

The first reason. Money is as old as time. Thus, there will always be a demand for specialists in economics and finance. Our faculty graduates qualified managers, economists, marketing specialists, accountants and interpreters.
The second reason. Experienced faculty staff. The faculty is taught by 6 doctors and 41 candidates of specialized sciences.
The third reason. The educational and material base. The Economics and Finance Faculty is equipped with modern computer classes, language laboratories and multimedia equipment.
The fourth reason. The opportunity to be actively engaged in research activities in the learning process, as well as to acquire an additional specialty. After obtaining a diploma, you can continue your studies at the Master's and Postgraduate level. In addition, students of the faculty train abroad (Poland, Ukraine, Germany).
The fifth reason. Friendly team of students, a lot of cultural and sporting events, contests of different levels.
Alexander Pereplechinsky, a third year student, Economics and enterprise management, member of the editorial board of the University.
"I would like to note the practical orientation of the training. There are a lot of opportunities to immerse yourself into the future activities and gain experience in your specialty".



Roman Sorokin, a third year student, Economics and enterprise management, Chairman of the Student Council of the Faulty.
"Everyone wants to become a businessman and make a lot of money. Only at the Economics and Finance Faculty you will be able to how to do it in the right way".



Anastasia Vershok, a third-year student , Marketing of Industrial Enterprises, chairman of the primary trade union organization of students, member of the Coordination Student Council of the University.
"At our faculty it is possible to prove itself not only in educational and research activity, but also to be the activists of student organizations, such as primary student trade-union organization and BRSM, and to become the best activist of the country".



Alla Fiseyko, a second-year student, "Management (in the sphere of international tourism), member of the Student Council of the Faculty, administrator of the Faculty group in VKontakte.
"The faculty has provided me with wide opportunities for development and self-expression, both in the chosen specialty and in student activities".



Nikita Litvinchuk, a first year student, Marketing of Industrial enterprises, member of the Coordination Student Council of the University, member of the Student Council of the Faculty.
"At the faculty, we are as one big friendly family! We are learning how to be independent, initiative, responsible and tolerant".



Anna Kravtsova, a second-year student in Accounting, member of the Student Council of the Faculty, grant-holder of the Presidential Fund of the Republic of Belarus.
"Qualitative comprehensive knowledge, active rest, interesting acquaintances - and this is just the beginning! At the Economics and Finance Facultyyou will find many new and exciting things".


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