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International conference of English tutors “Inspiriŋ tə Sɔ:” in Minsk

Olga Fedorovna Zhilevich, Associate Professor of Linguistics and Business Communications Department took part in the work of the 3rd International Conference of English tutors “Inspiriŋ tə Sɔ:” on April 13-14, 2019 in Minsk. The event was organized by the International School of English International House.
Over the course of two days, presentations and workshops were held by more than 20 foreign and Belarusian practitioners, including Adrian Underhill, one of the most prominent modern English phoneticists, author of many Macmillan publications, and Claire Barnes, trainer for preparing teachers at BKC-IH Moscow.
Participants of the event could attend 4 workshops, choosing the most useful topic for their work. Most of the classes were associated with the use of modern technology and effective organization teaching English. They also discussed the latest trends in the field of language learning, opportunities for raising the qualifications and self-education of tutors.
Productive work, practical orientation, flexibility of content depending on the request of the participants, the opportunity to join the discussion, to get advice and support - all of these events were provided to each author of the master classes. The audience, in turn, actively responded both to the proposals of the speakers and to the ideas of colleagues, demonstrating a willingness to cooperate and share experiences.
Olga Fedorovna Zhilevich was able to communicate with progressive foreign and Belarusian colleagues.


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