Want to have job in a hi-tech company? Or ready to train in Germany, France or Great Britain? And what about winning a superb computer?
We invite you to take part in International Regional Programming Olympiad organized by Andersen Company.
Registration form, rules and standing orders are here!
*Logics and analytical skills in sports programming are more important than knowing definite technology. To be a participant you need minimum knowledge of one of the programming codes to record challenge solving: C/C++; Delphi/Pascal; Java; C#; Python; Ruby; PHP; OCaml; Haskell; Perl; Scala; D; Go.
*1-27 September is the training stage. You’ll be explained working principles of the test system, also you’ll be shown last years’ challenge examples and for sure you’ll be answered any questions you have. Study, try and win!
*30 September is the last registration day. There’s no time to doubt. Fill in the registration form and join the participants.
*3 October is online semifinal. Staying at home, you’ll have the possibility to compete with talented students programmers from Belarus and Ukraine.
*24 October is the final. Holding the contest will depend on epidemiological situation. If we have the opportunity to hold the final intramural, your arrival to Andersen office in your country will be paid. If we don’t have such opportunity the final will be hold online. Just best of the best programmers will compete for Grand Prizes including not just notebooks and other enjoyable souvenirs but… Anyone who’ll take the first prize will easily have IT-career. We ensure it!
Direct link to contest organizers and other participants.