International Scientific Cooperation

Scientists of Polessky State University took part in the III International Scientific and Practical Conference "Physical activity and quality of life of people" (Lutsk-Svityaz, Ukraine), which was held from June 11th till 13th, 2019.
More than 120 people attended the conference. They represented various universities of Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ukraine, Belarus, the United States. Belarus was represented by a delegation from the Polessky State University which included Marinich T.V., Dean of the Healthy Way of Life Organization Faculty, Doctor of Medical Science, Associate Professor; Shebeko L.L., Head of the Department of General and Clinical Medicine, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Lebed T.L., Head of the Longitudinal Studies Laboratory, and Shepelevich N.V., a Researcher.
The conference organizers have chosen an interesting format for the conference by combining the scientific and practical part. 2-day workshops on Nordic walking and rowing were held during the conference. Discussion platforms were organized for the conference participants.