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International seminar on the theory and practice of financial markets at PolesSU

February 10-12, 2020 Polessky State University is taking a seminar on the theory and practice of financial markets and investment assessment of commercial and infrastructure projects (in English).The seminar is organized on the basis of Polessky State University for undergraduate and postgraduate students and teaching staff of financial and economic specialties, as well as for representatives of the country’s banking sector.

The lecturers of this project are representatives of University of Economics in Katowice: Prof. Christian Pera, Dr. Rafał Bula, Dr. Martin Tometsky and a postgraduate student Mihail Mrovets. This university has a high position among universities in Poland and has a long and beneficial partnership with Polessky State University.The practice of guest lectures has the effect of expanding the scientific and practical experience of students, improving language and intercultural communication skills, development of international cooperation.

PolesSU is sincerely grateful to the faculty of University of Economics in Katowice for their cooperation and high level of lectures, as well as to the representatives of partner banks for supporting the project!


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