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Meeting in cooperation with foreign universities

On September 27, Borzhishkovsky Jacek, Professor of the WSB University of Gdansk, Poland, and Marchak Miroslav, Doctor of Economics, read the lecture for the students of the Faculty of Economics at Polessky State University. The topic of the lecture by Professor Borzhishkovsky “Destination Management Organizations (DMO) - the structures for the tourism development” coincided with the date of the celebration of the World Tourism Day. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) established this holiday with the aim of promoting tourism, highlighting its contribution to the economy of the world community, developing ties between the people of different countries.
The lecturer presented the latest information on the international tourism development, the special attention was given to the analysis of indicators of tourist flows into European countries. The visualization of the lecture material with the help of illustrations, maps, charts and diagrams made it possible to explain the current trends in the inbound tourism development more clearly. An important part of the lecture was to identify the factors that hinder and foster the development of tourism in various regions of the Republic of Poland. The problems of marketing in the field of tourism enterprises, the promotion of the tourism product were also considered. Constant contact with the listeners ensured the live communication of the lecturer with the audience.

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