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New Reality of Education

"Digital University" for schoolchildren is a new project of PolesSU, which began to be implemented in April 2020 and includes online mini-lectures and video lessons, test assignments on economics and finance, IT, foreign languages, healthy way of life, biotechnology and engineering and other areas that are presented at PolesSU. The 2nd round of online Olympiad for schoolchildren in general and special disciplines is now held.
The "Digital University" project has been implemented by Polessky State University since 2015. Its main ideas have been defined in the framework of the international program implementation. At present, Polessky State University has a modern infrastructure that allows to fully implement the goals and objectives of the project "Digital University", and students and schoolchildren, without leaving home or a comfortable dormitory, to obtain new knowledge, communicate with university professors, get the necessary consultations. The advantages of such training are general availability, speed and convenient time of study.
Information about the "Digital University" project for schoolchildren can be found on the university websiteабитуриенту-2
We are looking forward to your participation!


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