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"Bulletin of Polessky State University. Series in Social Sciences and Humanities" - one of the highly rated scientific and practical journals in the Republic of Belarus. At present, the journal has 100467 views and 17535 downloads of articles. Hirsch Index - 4. Over the past year our authors successfully defended their PhD theses on history (Priborovich A. - BSU, Kapliev A. - NASB) and psychology (Mikilevich E. - PolesSU).


Polessky State University is one of the new universities founded by independent Belarus. The available human capital assets and up-to-date material and technical facilities allow it to develop dynamically as the university of a research type. So why should one apply to Polessky State University?

Innovative university

Open international marathon of youth initiatives "Great Victory in gratitude!"

The open international marathon of youth initiatives "Great Victory in gratitude!" has come to an end.
From February 21 to May 9, hundreds of boys and girls implemented initiatives to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Republic of Belarus from the Nazi invaders and the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War. Within 75 days from the start of the marathon, the participants implemented over 65 initiatives under the motto "The Great Victory in gratitude!


On May 15, 2020 an online review of the projects submitted for participation in the contest of young developers - PINSK INVEST WEEKEND-14 took place!
Within the preliminary review of business developments among students of different groups and specialties there were presented projects that have economic and social significance. Most of the business ideas of young developers were made in the field of actual research: "Development of tourist potential. Ecology".

International Conference "Sustainable Economic Development: State, Problems, Prospects"

On April 24, 2020 XIV International Scientific and Practical Video Conference "Sustainable economic development: state, problems, perspectives" was held at the University, which was organized by the Economics and Finance Faculty.

«Digital University» Project: officially

In 2020, the implementation of the State Program on Development of Digital Economy and Information Society for 2016-2020 will be completed. Measures aimed at transforming traditional business processes through the introduction of information and communication technologies in all areas of economic activity, including education play an important role in the program.
In 2017, the Minister of Education approved the Conceptual Approaches to the Development of the Education System of the Republic of Belarus until 2020 and in the future until 2030.

“HORIZON 2100 - International Youth Online Contest”

Actual until May 31, 2020
The non-governmental Center for Modeling Future announces the International youth online contest of scientific, practical-science and science-fiction works "HORIZON 2100".
Young people, school children and students aged 16 to 26 years who are engaged in scientific research, scientific and practical (applied) activities and/or science fiction literary creativity in the subject area of the Competition are invited to participate.

On 24 April 2020, Polessky State University held an online event as part of the UN75 Discussions.

Within the framework of cooperation with UNDP in Belarus, Polessky State University held an international event as part of the UN75 Youth Discussions. The thematic basis was aimed at developing a strategy to respond to the medical situation and long-term socio-economic challenges, including a rationale for approaches to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the areas affected by the Chernobyl accident.

PolesSU is moving to the pilot phase of the Digital University project.

The Rectorate has decided to move to the implementation of the pilot phase of the Digital University project.


The Continuous Training Faculty offers Chinese language courses. The training will be held using modern information and communication technologies. It is possible to study on an individual program.
Additional information:
Phone: 8 (0165) 31 08 87, 8 (0165) 31 08 38


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