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Belarus is a country of peace and friendship

The International Day of Peace is celebrated annually on September 21st.
For most people on our planet, the peace is a daily reality. Our streets are quiet, our children go to school. Where the foundations of society are strong, the precious gift of peace cannot be particularly noticeable. However, nowadays this gift is a dream for quite a large number of the people.

The start-up school is back in business!

Well, dear friends, the Start-up School is back in business!
Our first introductory meeting was held on September 20th. We tried to talk briefly about our activities and gave students the opportunity to talk to our invited speaker Vladimir Zhilyuk, director of the advertising agency “Oranzhevy dolphin”!

Polessky State University was visited by the delegation of Ternopil National Economic University

On September 18, 2018 the delegation headed by the director of the Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies of the Ternopil National Economic University, Doctor of Economics, Professor Vasily  Brich was visited Polessky State University (Ternopil, Ukraine).

Polessky State University was visited by the delegation of Qingdao University

The delegation of the University of Qingdao (People’s Republic of China) consisting of the University's Board Chairman, Dr. Hu Jinyan, Head of the International office of Qingdao University, Liu Qi, doctors Gao Hongwei, Yu Haisheng and Zhang Lu, Polessky State University representative in China visited Polessky State University. The main purpose of the visit was to discuss cooperation between Polessky State University and the University of Qingdao. The delegation was greeted by the rector of Polessky University, Professor Shebeko, the vice-rectors Vlasova Svetlana, Zolotareva Olga, Kruchinsky Nikolai, dean of Continuous Training faculty Khmel Olga.

Acquaintance of the Chinese guests with the enterprises of Pinsk

On August 10, 2018 as part of the summer school program for Chinese students the delegation got acquainted with the enterprises of the city of Pinsk: CJSC Amkodor-Pinsk, Savushkin Product, OJSC in Pinsk. Foreign guests got acquainted with the main activities and products of enterprises, tasted dairy products, which they liked very much.
We express our gratitude to the head of ZAO Amkodor-Pinsk Mikhail But-Gusaim and Savushkin Product, OJSC in Pinsk Sergey Roshchenko for the assistance in organizing the study visit.

Summer school for the Chinese students

Under the programme of Summer school the excursion to the Centre of traditional culture and customs “Spadchyna Palessya” in the village of Merchitsy took place on August 4th, 2018. A hearty welcome with national songs and dances will long be remembered by all the guests. Students had the opportunity to see primitive tools, to learn about the willow weaving and handweaving technologies, and to try on Belarusian national costumes and to dance. It was also suggested to the students to taste different dishes of national Belarusian cuisine.

Summer School for Chinese students

Three days ago I, together with 18 students from Concord College of Fujian Normal University arrived in Pinsk, Belarus. During the past days we all fell in love with this country because of its beautiful natural scenery, its culture and people here. We stayed at Polessky State University, which is a modern and well-equipped university. Teaching staff here are warm-hearted and arranges a variety of lectures on Belarus culture and education, which made us get familiar with this country.

Summer School for Chinese students

On July 30, 2018 the International Summer School for Chinese students from Partner University - the Concord College of Fujian Normal University started its work. The program of the Summer School presupposes lectures and workshops on social and economic, historical and cultural development of Belarus, trainings, sport events, sightseeing tours. At the official Opening ceremony the University administration headed by the rector, Professor Konstantin Shebeko welcomed the students.

Adopting the experience of the People's Republic of China-international seminar on maintenance and management of sports facilities

Head of the Department of management and marketing at the "Polessky State University" Gush Pavel Vasilyevich from June 21 to July 11, 2018 took part in the International seminar on maintenance and management of sports facilities for developing countries. The main purpose of the seminar is to study and clarify the concept of the development of sports in modern China to improve the possibility of service and management of sports facilities, as well as to promote multilateral or bilateral cooperation.

The representative of the Department of Historical and Cultural Heritage took part in the International Science and Education Seminar "China's Experience: Social System and Public Policy" (Qingdao, China)

Senior lecturer of the department of historical and cultural heritage Gorish Irina Vladimirovna took part in the seminar "Chinese Experience: Social System and Public Policy" at the invitation of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China (Qingdao, China). The organizer of the training event was Shandong College of Foreign Trade. Within 2 weeks, representatives of 16 countries got acquainted with the experience of the People's Republic of China in the social and economic sphere on the basis of the training center in Qingdao.


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