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The specialties of the faculty

Today the Biotechnological faculty offers 125 disciplines.
Here are the main of them:

  1. Biotechnology - Principles and Application;
  2. Safety and Bioethics in Biotechnology;
  3. Molecular Biology;
  4. Applied Genomics;
  5. Biotechnological Objects and their Industrial Use;
  6. Industrial Microbiology;
  7. Algology and Mycology;
  8. Botany;
  9. Invertebrate’s Zoology;
  10. Vertebrate’s Zoology;
  11. Taxonomy of Higher Plants;
  12. Pharmacognosy;
  13. Phytophysiology;
  14. Human and Animal Physiology;
  15. Cytology and Histology;
  16.  Ecology with the Bases of Meteorology;
  17. Fish Morphology and physiology;
  18. Ichthyology;
  19. Feeding stuffs and Fish Feeding Technology;
  20. Fish Breeding;
  21. New Aquaculture Facilities and Resource-Saving Technologies in Fish-Breeding;
  22.  Refrigeration Technology and Heat Preservation Technology of Aquatic Organisms;
  23. Technological Equipment of Fish Processing Industries;
  24. Biotechnology in Fish-Breeding;
  25. Hydrobiology;
  26. Microbiology of Fish and Fish Products;
  27. Organization and Economy of Fishery;
  28. Engineering Geodesy;
  29. Drawing and Design Bases;
  30. The History and Theory of Landscape Art;
  31. Garden and Park Facilities;
  32. Design Basis of Small Garden;
  33. Fundamentals of Architectural Composition;
  34. Engineering Infrastructure and Green Construction;
  35. Landscape Design;
  36. Decorative Dendrology;
  37. Floriculture;
  38. Descriptive Geometry and Architectural Graphics.


(For directions)
Biology (Biotechnology) Biologist, biotechnologist, biology teacher 5 years
According to the specialty students have necessary fundamental and specialize practical training in the field of DNA and cell technologies for them using in specialize biotechnology laboratories Research Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Belarusian universities, private companies; industrial enterprises related to biotechnological production; biology teachers in the educational institutions of Republic of Belarus.
(For directions)
(scientific and industrial activity)
Biologist 4 years
According to the specialty students are trained as a specialist-contractors who can organize the production process and realize technological control over the processes of the biological production in industry (pharmaceutical, biochemical, microbiological, food, light and chemical industries, as well as enterprises of agro-industrial complex).
Fishery Technology of fish processing Process engineer 4,5 years
According to the specialty students are trained as specialists for agro-industrial complex enterprises (fisheries), as well as companies specializing in fish processing and producing canned food.
Landscape Construction Landscape design Engineer in landscape construction 4 years
According to the specialty students are trained as specialists for enterprises engaged in landscape design, gardening and landscaping areas.
В рамках специальности осуществляется подготовка специалистов-практиков для работы на предприятиях, занимающихся ландшафтным проектированием, дизайном, озеленением и благоустройством территорий.
(For directions)
(scientific and industrial activity)
Biologist 5 years

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