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Our Partners

The economic faculty of PSU is collaborating with major departments from different universities of Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Poland, Latvia and Ukraine.
Polotsk State University,  Republic of Belarus, Polotsk
The economic faculty of Saint-Petersburg State university of Economics, Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg
The national University of “Ostroh Academy”, Ukraine, Ostroh
Bryansk State University, RF, Bryansk
University of National Sciences and humanities, Poland, Siedlce
Voronezh State University of Engeneering Technologies Federal Sate Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education, RF, Voronezh
Higher School for Informational Technology management (ISMA), Latvia, Riga
Lutsk National Technical University, Ukraine, Lutsk
National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Ukraine, Rovno
University of Nikolay Copernic, Poland, Torun
Areas of cooperation: participation in scientific conferences, contest of scientific projects, joint projects in the field of education, culture and other socially useful activities, joint scientific researches, preparation of common scientific and educational editions, participation in international projects.

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