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The Economic Faculty trains specialists on the 1st stage of higher education in the following specialties:
> “Economics and enterprise management”
“Economics and industrial enterprise management”
“Economics and management in agricultural sector”
“Economics and management in small- and medium-sized enterprises”
Qualification: economist - manager
Read more: booklet
> “Marketing”
“Marketing of industrial enterprise”
Qualification: marketer - economist
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> “Tourism and hospitality”
Qualification: specialist in tourism (no admission in 2019)

“Business administration”
“Entrepreneurship in the field of physical culture, sports and international tourism”
Qualification: manager - economist
Read more: booklet
> “Management (in international tourism)”
Qualification: manager - economist. Translator – executive assistant (specifying the languages of communication)
Read more: booklet
> “Analytical economics”
Qualificationeconomist -analyst
Read more: booklet

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