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To the origins of the creation of our university

On February 21th, 2019, students of the group number 17MEE-1 headed by the their supervisor Irina Vladimirovna Gorish, senior lecturer of the Historical and Cultural Heritage Department visited the Museum of Polessky State University. The tour was organized in accordance with the supervisor’s plan for the current academic year. 

Students learned a lot of interesting and useful things about their university. For example, the students carefully observed the possible options for the students’ village and even argued about the rationality of one or another project.The glitter in the eyes was caused by the first banknotes of independent Belarus. Students even answered the question of the guide, which denomination banknote is missing in the showcase. 

Students were impressed by the quantity and quality of the awards kept in the museum. It is good to know that students of Polessky State University glorify its name at competitions and contests not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders.
Roman Sorokin, the monitor of the group, discovered his involvement in the history of the university: there is a diploma in the museum, which he received in 2018 at the Republican festival of artistic creativity of pupils and students.

We would like to thank Rudenko Aleksei Borisovich, the methodologist of the department of educational work with young people, for the detailed and fascinating story about the museum exposition.


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