Pinsk Invest Weekend-12 was organized on the basis of Polessky State University on May 31, 2019!
During the event, the participants presented 12 projects, which had been selected at the preliminary stage. It should be noted that the presented developments were shown under the three headings. Under the first heading ‘I am looking for an investor’, the projects were of economic and social importance. We must add that they are almost ready for implementation. The second heading is called ‘We Can’, since these developments are also very significant for investors. And finally, under the third heading, the presented developments were not only commercially but also socially important.
 The experts at the contest of innovation projects for young developers were: Mikhail Nikolayevich Serkov, the General Director of ‘Brestmyasomolprom’ Holding (the Managing Company); Pavel Danilovich Karlyuk, the Director of ‘Metalpromservice’; Dmitry Bogovich, the Head of JSC ‘Belinvestbank’ in Pinsk; Raisa Grigoriev Volosyuk, the Director of branch 121 (JSC ‘Belarusbank’); Vladimir Grigoryevich Mesha, the Head of JSC ‘Belarusbank’ branch; Viktor Grigoryevich Vodchits, the Manager of Pinsk additional office ‘BPS-Sberbank’; Oleg Grigorievich Grinevich, the Head of Medium and Small Clients Service Department (JSC ‘Priorbank’); Vitaly Nikolaevich Romanchuk, the Managing Director of branch 506 (JSC ‘Priorbank’ in Pinsk); Alexander Borisovich Dudkin, the Advisor of the Chairman (JSC ‘BSB Bank’); Anton Vadimovich Shemet JSC ‘BSB Bank’; Sergey Mikhailovich Pasovets, the Director of LLC Stalker, Sergey Nikolaevich Peretz, the Chief Power Engineer of Pinsk Meat Processing Plant Jsc; Alexey Vasilyevich Mikulich, the Director of Mankovichi Municipal Unitary Production Enterprise; Brutsky Eduard Fedorovich, the Deputy Head of the Economy Department of Stolin Executive Committee, as well as representatives of Gdansk North-South Transport and Logistics Cluster (Poland).
We thank the experts and the participants for the work well done!
According to the results of the competition, the winners in the respective nominations were awarded with diplomas.