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Polessky State University expands areas of international cooperation

On the 26th of December, a delegation from Polessky State University, headed by the rector, professor Shebeko, vice-rector for academic affairs, Doctor Zolotareva, dean of Banking faculty, associate professor Yankovsky, dean of Economic faculty, associate professor Zborina, the head of the Center for Information Technology Pavel Pigal visited Ternopil National Economic University (Ukraine).

Ternopil National Economic University is ranked among the 10 best universities with an economic profile in Ukraine. Currently, the university is developing as an educational and scientific center, uniting 13 faculties (finance, banking, agrarian economics and management, international business and management, economics and management, accounting and audit, computer information technologies, Ukrainian-Dutch faculty of economics and management, Ukrainian-German faculty of Economics, law, faculty of public administration, Novovolynsky faculty, Sambirsky faculty of applied software), Scientific Institute of innovative educational technologies, 3 separate institutions (Vinnitsa Institute of Economics, Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Management, Chortkiv Institute of Entrepreneurship and Business), 3 colleges, Yerevan Branch (Armenia).

The outcome of the visit was signing cooperation agreement to implement joint educational and scientific projects.


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