The profile camp "UNIVERSITY PROFI CAMP" for schoolchildren

University Profi Camp was organized for high school students from Luninets and Gantsevichi by Polessky State University in its lecture rooms and laboratories. It was being held from October 30 to November 3.
Guests were offered qualified assistance in preparation for the third stage of the Republican olympiads in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and English. University lecturers (Kalenchuk T.V., Cheshchevik N.G., Sidskaya O.V., Sen'kovets T.A., Martynovich V.G., Shtepa V.N., Glinskaya N.A., Pavlov P.A., Ilyuchik I.A., Shiryaev V.V., Lozitskaya T.A., Evchik V.F., Korzhenevich J.V., Rusina J.N., Romanova M.A., Izotova L.A., Minyuk O.N.) conducted lessons for students of the gymnasium of Luninets and for students of the gymnasium and school №3 of Gantsevichi. There were also excursions around the University. The students visited different research laboratories such as laboratory of applied and fundamental biotechnology, laboratory of cellular technologies in plant growing and laboratory of longitudinal research. There were excursions around the town, delicious meals in the canteen, startup competition, proficiency testing, What? Where? When? in financial literacy, a festive concert dedicated to Banking Faculty birthday. The ceremonial delivery of certificates to our guests at the end of the "vocational guidance autumn school" was one of the memorable event. The event was pleasant for all participants, it can become another good tradition of Polessky State University.