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Realization of the European project “Network of international cooperation in the field of science, technology and innovation with the Eastern Partnership countries – PLUS”

From June 4 to 9, 2018 the delegation of Polessky State University visited Poland, Gdansk within the framework of the European project “Network for International Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation with Eastern Partnership Countries – PLUS”, aimed at stimulating cooperation between scientists from the Eastern Partnership countries and the European Union.
During the visit the delegation took part in the meeting of the North-South Cluster Council, where the issues of further cooperation between the North-South cluster and Cluster in the field of Biotechnology and “green economy” of Polessky State University were discussed; new projects of the Polish cluster were presented. The delegation also got acquainted with the activities of the enterprises, members of the cluster. Representatives of Polessky State University participated in the scientific seminar “Belarusian-Polish relations. Socio-economic and research aspects of joint activities”, organized by the GSW (Gdańsk Higher School), which is the member of the North-South cluster.
Zolotaryova O.A., Vice-rector for academic affairs of Polessky State University made a presentation on the topic “Crowd investing as an instrument for the digitization of human capital”; Khmel O.A., Dean of Continuous Training faculty presented Polessky State University, directions of scientific research of the faculties of the university, a cluster created on the basis of the university and its profiles. Possible areas of cooperation were discussed with GSW management, a working group on interaction in educational and scientific activities was established.
Also, within the framework of the visit, a meeting with the leadership of the WSB University, a member of the North-South cluster was held, at which organizational and legal aspects of the creation of joint Research Center, as well as the implementation of the joint BRFFR project “The Organizational and Economic Mechanism for the Formation of Transboundary Clusters” were discussed.
Visit of the delegation to the partner University of Applied Sciences Anhalt (Bernburg, Germany)
From June 10 to June 13, 2018 the delegation of Polesskу State University visited partner university, the University of Applied Sciences Anhalt (Bernburg, Germany). During the visit employees of Polessky State University took part in the international seminar on “green economy”. The key topic of the seminar was the use of modern Bio and IT technologies to improve the efficiency of agriculture and biodiversity conservation under the conditions of changing climate and intensive soil erosion in farmland.
At the seminar a report on the topic “Clonal micropropagation of plants as one of the ways to preserve biodiversity and develop “green economy” in the Republic of Belarus” was delivered by the Dean of Biotechnological Faculty Cheshchevik V.T. During the stay the delegation visited experimental agricultural fields of the University of Applied Sciences Anhalt, as well as the exhibition of the main achievements in the field of agriculture in Germany; studied the experience of the German farmers in the conditions of cluster interaction.
As a result of the visit, the main directions of cooperation between partner universities on academic mobility of students and teaching staff, as well as joint scientific research for the further development of the cluster in the field of biotechnology and “green economy” with the use of the experience of the German partners were developed.

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