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Republican campaign "Week of Forest

In the Republic of Belarus forests are one of the main renewable natural resources and the most important national wealth. Forests and forest resources are of great importance for the sustainable socio-economic development of the country, ensuring its economic, energy, environmental and food security. Belarus is among the top ten forest states in Europe for a number of key indicators characterizing the forest fund.
The Republican campaign “Week of Forest” will be held for the 12th time this year. As the statistics show, an increasing number of Belarusians join the event every year. So, in 2018 more than 83 thousand people took part in the action. Polessky State University took an active part this year, as well as in the previous one. The students of the Biotechnological Faculty, under the guidance of tutors, traveled throughout the week to the Soshnensky and Molotkovichsky forest districts of the Pinsk forestry and manually planted seedlings of Scots pine and warty birch.
As a result, about 45 thousand saplings were planted in Soshno forest area of ​​9 hectares, and about 10 thousand saplings (pine and birch) on an area of ​​4 ha in Molotkovichsky forest area.
The event in the university was organized by: Kuzyomkin Dmitry Vladimirovich – Sub-Dean for Academic Work of the Biotechnological Faculty, Svetlana Glinskaya, Secretary of the Dean's Office of the Biotechnological Faculty, and also Assistants of the Landscape Design Department — Volkova Viktoria Vladimirovna, Blokh Valentina Gennadyevna, Associate Professor of the Biotechnology Department Svetlana Lekunovich, Assistant Kamelchuk Yanina Stepanovna, Assiatant-Tutor of the Biotechnological Department Kelgaveny Alrksandra Dmitrievna.

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