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Seminar "Preparation of scientific journals for the analytical base Scopus and requirements for publications in international journals"

A seminar was held on “Preparing scientific journals for the Scopus analytical database and requirements for publications in international journals” on February 26, 2019.

S.V. Buinitskaya, library Manager, talked about the requirements for journals and the reasons for refusals, the criteria according to which journals are evaluated for inclusion in the international scientometric database Scopus and the reasons for which they are excluded from it.
The second part of the seminar was devoted to the requirements for publications in international journals, the choice of journal for publication, general advice and recommendations for the content and design of scientific articles.

E.O. Yurchenko, Ph.D., associate professor of biotechnology shared his  personal experience of working with journals indexed by Scopus, as a reviewer and author. Evgenyi Olegovich touched upon the issues of scientometrics, described the process of preparing a scientific article for publication, drew attention to the requirements for journals and content of articles, the shortcomings of articles for which they are not allowed by reviewers or are returned to substantial revision and gave advice and recommendations to the authors how to publish their articles in international journals using cooperation.

The seminar was focused on scientists, tutors, postgraduate students of Polessky State University, who are aimed at publishing scientific articles in internationally-rated journals in order to increase citation rates and publish their works in the Scopus analytical database.


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