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The start-up school is back in business!

Well, dear friends, the Start-up School is back in business!
Our first introductory meeting was held on September 20th. We tried to talk briefly about our activities and gave students the opportunity to talk to our invited speaker Vladimir Zhilyuk, director of the advertising agency “Oranzhevy dolphin”!
During the meeting the main principles on which you should build your own business were discussed. Mr. Zhilyuk also told how he manages to develop his business and move forward. And do you know what is the key to success? Never give up and keep learning! You should learn from your own mistakes, learn from other people and look for your own business coach, which would help you to achieve goals! Because business is a sport! A professional athlete should always train and be in a good shape, just like a businessman. He always needs to learn and develop, train on his own business, offering new strategies on the way to improve it!



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