Strengthening international collaboration with partner universities

From March 25 to March 30, 2019, Irina Vladimirovna Gorish, senior lecturer of the Department of Historical and Cultural Heritage, completed an internship at Odessa National Economic University, Ukraine. Advanced training was carried out under the cooperation agreement between our universities. The partnership with Odessa National University of Economics was established thanks to the dean of the Faculty of Economics Irina Mikhailovna Zborina. The faculty of the Ukrainian University takes part in conferences and other events held at Polessky State University.
The internship training program at the department of economics, law and business management included the study of the experience of teaching such business disciplines as "Basics of Business", "Economics and Organization of Entrepreneurial Activity", "Business Ethics", "Public-Private Partnership", "Business Planning", "Management of Business Risks", attendance of classes of Ukrainian colleagues, participation in the conference of young scientists "Global and Regional Aspects of Innovative Development of the Economy", acquaintance with the experience of research workers from the department of economics, law and business management and conducting classes. I.V. Gorish conducted a workshop-training "PR VS Advertising" for students of the 5th year of studies.
Within the cultural program a visit to Odessa Theater of Musical Comedy and the theater of the comic troupe "Masks" named "House of Clowns" was organized.
Irina Vladimirovna Gorish would like to note the hospitality and high professionalism of the teaching staff of the department of economics, law and business management and expresses hope for further effective cooperation.