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The student of Polessky State University is the winner of the WKF European Youth Championship U21 in karate!

Students of the healthy lifestyle organization faculty Gleb Sachkovsky and David Nguyen (gr. 18 PRT -1) from 8 to 10 February 2019 participated in the 46 WKF European Youth Championship (from 14 to 21) in karate (Olympic version), which was held in Aalborg (Denmark).

More than 1,000 athletes from 52 countries participated in the prestigious competitions and only one athlete could represent his country in each category.

David Nguyen (kumite, aged 18-20, up to 67 kg) held 5 battles and according to the results of the tournament took 3rd place among 35 participants.

Gleb Sachkovsky (kumite, aged 16-17, up to 76 kg) held 4 battles and took the 9th place among 37 participants.

Our students headed by A.A.Lebed, A.A.Sharko, D.I. Grachev could achieve really high technical mastery. Our congratulations to the sportsmen and the coaching staff!

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