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Successful debut of our volleyball players!

The team of Polessky State University took part in the regional stage of the Republican Student Volleyball League among men's teams in the program of the Republican Universiade-2019 from 18 to 22 February held in Gomel.

Our students participated in these competitions for the first time and took 3rd place in the regional stage and got the opportunity to participate in the final stage of the competition.

 During the competition our sportsmen not only played but also visited the cultural sights of Gomel, such as  the Park of Paskevichi, the Winter Garden and so on.
The list of the team of Polessky State University:

1 Tutsky Vladislav 17PC-1
2 Stepus Vadim 18IAPC-1
3 Grigorik Nikita 16TH-1
4 Karpuk Anton 16IT-1
5 Greek Vladislav 15TH -1
6 Shamich Vladislav 18 IAPC-1
7 Merzin Vyacheslav 15PC -1
8 Kokits Evgeniy 16 PRT -1
9 Guretsky Vladislav 17FC-2
10 Sakharevich Anatoly PE-1701
11 Svirsky Dmitry 18FC-2
12 Alexey Pavlovich 18 IAPC -1

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