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Summer school for the Chinese students

Under the programme of Summer school the excursion to the Centre of traditional culture and customs “Spadchyna Palessya” in the village of Merchitsy took place on August 4th, 2018. A hearty welcome with national songs and dances will long be remembered by all the guests. Students had the opportunity to see primitive tools, to learn about the willow weaving and handweaving technologies, and to try on Belarusian national costumes and to dance. It was also suggested to the students to taste different dishes of national Belarusian cuisine.
On Sunday, the 5th of August there was another day full of impressions. The students visited sports facilities of Polessky State University where they could swim in the pool, play billiards and tennis and go skating. Students from Healthy Way of Life Organization Faculty were their instructors. All the guests enjoyed skating and really had fun.
And on Tuesday, the 7th of August Belarusian students and teaching staff were in the role of students. So the Chinese students taught them to write Chinese characters that caused a genuine interest.

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