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Towards EU-EaP clusters collaboration

On July 11-12, 2018 representatives from Polessky State University took part in the workshop “Towards EU-EaP clusters collaboration”, which was held in Tbilisi (Georgia) under the EaP PLUS (Eastern Partnership) project. At the workshop the reports of clusters from Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Belarus, which received grant support from the EU were presented. Olga Zolotareva, vice-rector for academic affairs, Olga Khmel, dean of Continuous Training faculty represented the delegation from Polessky State University. Svetlana Klesova (director, inno TSD), Lucia Seel (European Cluster Collaboration Platform expert), Fabio Russo (head of the office on trade, investment and innovation program UNIDO Cluster) and others took part in the workshop on the part of the EU. The national coordinators of the EU’s “Horizon 2020” program including coordinator from Belarus Olga Meerovskaya participated in the workshop.
There were interesting discussions, work in groups with the elaboration of recommendations on practical implementation of cluster programs for newly formed clusters, government bodies of the countries that were representing their clusters.
The presentation of the Belarusian and Polish sides, presented by Olga Khmel, dean of Continuous Training faculty and Jan Kardashevich, vice-president of the “North-South” cluster (Republic of Poland, Gdansk) on the formation and development of the cluster in the field of Biotechnology and “green economy” as well as on establishing cooperation with Logistics and Transport cluster “North-South” was highly appreciated. It was noted that in a short period of time it was possible to achieve a lot in building the work of the cluster.
Recommendations on registering the cluster on the EU cluster platform (ESSR) and placing the materials on the development of the cluster in the field of Biotechnology and “green economy” on this platform were given.


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