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The visit of the delegation from Ternopil National Economic University, our University-partner

The Economic Faculty of Polessky State University welcomed a delegation from Ternopil National University of Economics, our university-partner from March 4th till 9th, 2019.

Students and Bakulina Natalia Nikolaevna, PhD, an associate professor of Personnel Management and Regional Economics Department, came to get acquainted with the educational process, opportunities and traditions of our university, the city of Pinsk and Belarus.

During the International Student Week at Polessky State University, guests of our faculty attend lectures on chosen subjects, actively communicate with our students and tutors, exchange contacts, visit sports facilities and museum rooms of the university, get acquainted with local sights, culture and lifestyle.
We thank our partners for their interest to Polessky State University and express our hope for long-term and effective cooperation between students and staff of our universities!


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