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Polessky State University is one of the new universities founded by independent Belarus. The available human capital assets and up-to-date material and technical facilities allow it to develop dynamically as the university of a research type. So why should one apply to Polessky State University?

Innovative university
The University is accredited as a scientific organization in the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Polessky State University has been awarded the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for the achievement of significant results in quality and competitiveness, implementation of innovative technologies and modern management methods. Therefore, it is possible to speak about the high quality of education.

Specialties in demand
Today PolesSU trains students at 5 faculties: the Economics and Finance Faculty, the Biotechnological Faculty, the Engineering Faculty, the Healthy Way of Life Organization Faculty, the Continuous Training Faculty.
In the summer of 2020, PolesSU are planning to enroll 883 students. The University is ready to admit 722 students to the full-time department, 436 of which are budget students, 161 - to the part-time department, 48 of which are budget students. Graduates of the university can continue their studies in Master's degree programs, postgraduate and doctoral studies. In Polessky State University there is a council for Ph.D. defense in the specialty "Finance, money circulation and credit (economic sciences)". The University also has powerful research centers and scientific laboratories, five of which have been granted the status of sectoral research by the State Committee on Science and Technology. Ranking scientific journals are published in all fields of research at the University.

International cooperation
PolesSU is a participant of several international educational programs. Today the University has more than 80 valid agreements on cooperation with foreign universities, institutions and organizations from more than 15 countries. Within the framework of the agreements, students and teachers of PolesSU actively participate in various academic mobility programs, international conferences, training courses, summer schools and international weeks, carry out joint research.
Significant international projects of PolesSU: Network of international cooperation in the field of science, technology and innovation with the countries of Eastern Partnership - PLUS (EaP PLUS), EaPTC, Erasmus+, Tempus - "EcoBRU".

Scientific achievements
In 2018 the University in cooperation with Technopark Polessye LLC initiated the creation of the Innovative and industrial cluster in the field of Biotechnology and “green economy”. Students, postgraduates, researchers and tutors accompany the scientific development of the cluster, participate in the creation of new high-tech companies, the development of startups, scientific-methodical and medical-biological support of training sports reserve and national teams in various sports, in a creative way use the opportunities of Technopark Polessye LLC. The University was one of the first institutions of higher education to organize a contest of student start-up projects, which has become a tradition, held twice a year under the name "Pinsk INVEST WEEKEND".

Widespread use of IT
At present, a modern infrastructure has been created at Polessky University, which makes it possible to fully implement the goals and objectives of the "Digital University" project, which has been implemented since 2015:

  • creation of individual educational pathways for each student with the possibility of independent choice of courses;
  • entering a new level of cooperation with foreign partners, which opens good opportunities for academic mobility of students and teachers;
  • creation of an effective system for the development, implementation and commercialization of innovative projects.

Infrastructure for students
Among those entering Polessky State University there is a large number of students from other cities, who are provided with comfortable accommodation, preparation for classes and proper rest in comfortable dormitories in the city center within walking distance from the educational buildings.

Sports Complex
A unique facility of PolesSU is a sports complex for training and education, sports and cultural events, which includes an ice arena, sports pools, a universal sports hall, a football field with artificial turf, universal outdoor playgrounds. The university also has Medical-rehabilitation Centre, which provides medical and health services to students studying on a full-time basis.

Leisure time activities for students
Favorable conditions have been created for the development of amateur creativity in all its manifestations, artistic and intellectual abilities, creative individuals and talents of students.
There are numerous student groups in the university:
- The national studio of a variety song «Sounds of Time»
- The amateur dance club "Alliance"
- The club of amateurs of the Latin American culture «Solymar»
- Student Academic Choir «Melior»
- Photo club "iZoom"
- Student dance club "Sparkle dance"
- Theatre Studio " S.T.A.R.T. "

If you set yourself worthy goals and are ready to work hard to achieve them, PolesSU is waiting for you!
Applicant 2020
Address: 4 Pushkina Str., Pinsk.
Tel.: +375 (165) 31-21-36, +375 (165) 65-00-41, +375 (165) 31-08-78 (Admissions Committee)


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