Dean of the Faculty
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

Address: 225710, Pinsk, Kirov Street, 24 (office 204)
Тel. +375 165 31 21 00
Fax. + 375 165 31-21-55

Deputy Dean for Academic  Affairs  –  HRUS, Elena Alexandrovna
Deputy Dean for Research  –  TELYAK, Oksana Alexandrovna, Candidate of Economic Sciences
Deputy Dean for Educational Work  –  YAROVICH Oksana Nikolayevna
Dean’s office secretary – KALLAUR, Dina Alekseyevna
The faculty trains students who specialize in  
- "Finance and Credit" (with the  specializations: "Finance", "Banking" and "Insurance")
- "Accounting, Analysis and Auditing" (with the  specialization: "Accounting, Analysis and Auditing in Industry")
- "Information Systems and Technology"
- “Economics (with the specialization “Finance and Banking Economics”)
- “Linguistic Support of Intercultural Communication (with the specialization “Communicative Technologies in Business”).

The students are offered the Master's degree  programs in "Finance, Monetary Circulation and Credit", "Finance and Credit", "Accounting and Statistics"  and "Accounting, Analysis and Audit".

What are the Faculty’s sources of attraction?
- comprehensive knowledge in various areas of finance, banking, insurance, accounting, money, securities market, taxes, financial management, etc.;
- ability to work in the banking sector, monetary and fiscal institutions;

  • ability to see the prospects of financial and credit relations;
  • ability to be competitive;
  • opportunities of participating in different University programs of further or/and additional education.

The Faculty comprises the following departments:

  • the Department of Banking
  • the Department of Finance
  • the Department of Mathematics and Information Technologies
  • the Department of Accounting, Analysis and Auditing
  • the Department of Linguistics and Business Communication
  • the scientific training laboratory "Finance and Banking Engineering"
  • the laboratory "The training bank"
  • the research laboratory "Eco-Engineering and Information Technologies"

Our main goals are
- to achieve high standards of education and improve the quality of training by implementing innovative technologies,
- to pay great attention to cultural education, ideas and beliefs, reflecting the essence of the Belarusian statehood,
- to form an active civil and personal position.
The faculty provides students with the conditions for the development of scientific and creative abilities as well as self-confidence in making decisions through participating in Students` council activities. Academic classes are combined with practical training. Seminars, laboratories and different projects including such case studies as "Bank management", "Delta", "Stock Exchange", "Stalker" are held in the classroom.
International cooperation plays an important role in the faculty`s life. Our main international partners are the German Federal Bank, the Riga Higher Banking School, Banking and Finance Higher School in Katowice. Seminars and conferences are devoted to a great range of scientific issues including monetary policy of the European Central Bank, supervision, risk management and investment strategies. 

Faculty structure
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