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Dean of the Faculty
Khmel Olga Anatolyevna
office 3305, tel. 8 (0165) 31 08 87 
Volkova Liliya Viktorovna (pre-university training and qualification upgrading programs), office 3710
tel. 8 (0165) 310838
Vechorko Anna Sergeevna (retraining), office 3319,
tel. 8 (0165) 31 08 89
Kievich Elena Leonidovna (work with international students, office 3708
tel. 8 (0165) 31 08 81

Address: 225710, Pinsk, Pushkina 4, office 3305
Telephone / fax: 8 (0165) 31-08-87
Phone: 8 (0165) 31-08-87 (Dean)
The main activities of the faculty are as follows:
- Retraining and qualification upgrading;
- Pre-university training;
- Foreign citizens training (Russian as a foreign language).

Retraining is carried out at the level of higher education with the issuance of diplomas established by the Ministry of Education with qualifications in the following fields:

  • Banking (qualification “Specialist in banking”) - training period is 15 months or 18 months.
  • Business Administration (qualification “Manager–economist”) - training period is 16 or 20 months.
  • Coaching (indicating sport) (qualification “Training coach”) - training period is 10 or 20 months.
  • Tax and taxation (qualification “Specialist in the sphere of taxation”) - training period is 10 months.
  • Modern foreign language (foreign economic activity) (qualification “Translator-executive assistant”) - training period is 17 months.
  • Accounting and control in business activities (qualification “Accountant-economist”) - training period is 10 months.
  • Tour operator and travel agent activities (qualification “Tourism Product Formation and Sales Manager”) - training period is 20 months.

Qualification upgrading with post-secondary and higher education is carried out in the following areas of education:
- Economy;
- Physical Culture and sport;
- Tourism;
- Ecological Sciences.
Faculty offers training courses for students:
Spoken foreign language
Intensive language course
Business foreign language
Basics of finance and financial markets (in English)
Modern problems of business and management (in English)
Automation of accounting
International Financial Reporting Standards
Financial analysis



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