I am very pleased that I have chosen Polessky State University

Hello. My name is Nurmyrat. I'm from Turkmenistan. My story in Belarus began from the moment when I successfully passed all the exams and was selected by the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan to study in the Republic of Belarus. Since I wanted to learn about the Information Systems and Technologies I chose Polessky State University and I am very pleased with my choice.
The IT industry is growing very fast. Every year, more and more universities introduce educational programs related to this area. According to sociological studies, the profession of an IT specialist will remain in demand for the next 10 years, and the demand for this specialty will be higher than the supply. Analysts predict that in the near future, machines will write code for programs, and the programmer will only have to control this process and create ideas.
Polessky State University is a higher education institution in Pinsk, the city located in the southern part of Belarus. The University is a young regional higher educational establishment with a large research capacity. Polessky State University has master and postgraduate programs. The University specializes in several areas, such as banking, economics, biotechnology and healthy lifestyle. Polessky State University consists of several study buildings, each of which has a spacious canteen where you can have a delicious meal, large libraries with a huge stock of books on a variety of topics. Teachers and professors at the university have extensive experience. There are modern computer rooms and much more. Just five minutes’ walk from the study buildings we can find comfortable dormitories.
I really like studying at Polessky State University!
Yours sincerely, a 2nd year foreign student of the Engineering Faculty, specialty - Information Systems and Technologies.