Training under the Cooperation Program with the Republic of Serbia

The domestic procedures necessary for the entry into force of the Cooperation Program in Education between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the Republic of Serbia until 2020 are currently being completed.
In accordance with Article 4 of the Program, the annual exchange of students, master's and postgraduate students, for 5 months of study is provided on parity conditions and on the basis of a competitive application. At the same time, the parties shall provide on a mutual basis students with free training, the possibility to use educational publications, scientific and technical documentation, research equipment on the same conditions as for citizens of the receiving party; medical service in accordance with the legislation of the receiving party; payment of scholarship in the amount established by the legislation of the receiving party. Payment for transit and accommodation shall be made by the students themselves or by other sources not prohibited by the legislation of the sending party.

For academic exchange under the Program, interested persons should submit an application on the proposed form by June 29, 2020, with the following documents attached:
1. Questionnaires filled in capital letters with an attached photo;
2. copies of the passport pages with identification data (31, 33 pages);
3. copies of the student’s record book and/or higher education diploma;
4. a letter of motivation (essay) containing the substantiation of the choice of a specialty/theme of research and organization of a foreign country (educational institution);
5. a recommendation on studying abroad (indicating the average score of the current academic performance, personal qualities of the candidate for study abroad and information on the candidate's achievements in educational, research and (or) innovative activities), signed at a level not less than that of vice-rector for educational (research) work of the educational institution;
6. documents confirming the candidate's knowledge of Serbian or English to the extent sufficient for successful implementation of the educational objectives in the organization of the foreign state (educational institution);
7. an individual work plan for the master's degree (postgraduate) with a description of the activities to be performed in the selected Serbian educational institution.
If necessary, additional documents may be requested from candidates during the selection process, subject to other equal conditions.
For additional information one can contact the Department of Science and International Relations (contact person - Nikolai Kulik, leading specialist, phone: +(375 165) 310859, e-mail