Vaccination against Covid-19

PolesGU continues the campaign to vaccinate students and employees against COVID-19. So, on October 7, more than 80 people came to receive the vaccination at the health center of the building No. 1 of the University. The employees and students of Polessky State University, who received medical advice and passed the initial examination, were vaccinated with a vaccine of their choice (Russian or Chinese).

The next stage of vaccination in Polessky State University will take place on October 11 at 12:00 in the health center of the educational building No. 1 of Polessky State University (Kirov st., 24). You can sign up for vaccination at the dean's offices of faculties. The phone numbers are the following:

Economics and finance faculty: 31-21-01   

Biotechnological faculty: 31-08-64    

Engineering Faculty: 8-033-618-48-52    

Healthy way of life organisation faculty:  8-029-909-72-09