Excursion of foreign students of Polessky State University to Grodno region

On October 8, an excursion for foreign students of Polessky State University took place in Grodno – the only city in Belarus that has the status of a monument of architecture and urban planning.

The students got acquainted with the history and sights of the city, visited Grodno StFrancis Xavier Cathedral, the royal Gothic castle (the so-called Old Castle) – the only surviving royal castle in Belarus and one of the oldest churches in Belarus – The Kolozhskaya church (12th century).

The second part of the excursion program was visiting Korobchitsy agritourism complex, built in the form of a Belarusian-Polish manor house of the 19th century. The students also visited "Grodno Fortress – Partisan Camp" complex, where learned ​​how Belarusian partisans lived and fought, what their life was like, what military equipment looked like during the Great Patriotic War.

The students got useful information and positive emotions.