How to get an official invitation

To receive an invitation to study, it is necessary:

1. to send to the postal address or by e-mail copies of the passport, educational documents, a medical certificate and an application indicating the selected faculty, specialty and form of training. Copies of documents can be in English or translated into Russian. Indicate your contacts for feedback and how you are going to get a visa:
- at the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus
- at the consular department of Minsk Airport.
Mailing address: Educational Establishment “Polessky State University”
225710 Pinsk, Dneprovskoy flotilii, 23
E-mail: kievich.e@polessu.by

2. As soon as a decision is made regarding your admission to the university and agreed with the migration office of the Republic of Belarus, you will be notified by the letter to the address provided by you.