Have you received a Student Visa and arrived in Belarus? Now you are to pass the enrollment procedure, move into one of the university dormitories, take medical examination and receive a temporary registration (temporary residence) in Belarus for the academic year.
STEP 1. To submit the following documents to the Admission Office:
application indicating the chosen course (to be filled in when submitting the documents to the Admission Office);
- school certificate indicating subjects, exams taken and marks received;
- medical general certificate including  vaccination certificate, X-ray examination information and AIDS-test certificate issued by an official medical organ of the applicant’s country of origin;
- copy of birth certificate;
- 6 photos 3x4 cm;
- certificates or diplomas confirming the completion of preparatory courses or secondary specialized education (if available);
- passport or any other ID.
Besides the documents listed documents, their translation into Russian or Belarusian attested by a notary is needed.
STEP 2. To pass an interview checking your knowledge of the Russian language and major subjects.
STEP 3. To conclude an agreement on education and to pay a tuition fee.
STEP 4. To make an agreement on compulsory medical insurance with some insurance company (170€ per year). 
STEP 5. To pass the medical examination in Pinsk town central polyclinic.

The enrollment order is issued on the basis of a signed agreement, results of medical examination and a paying slip.