Accommodation and leisure


Modern, comfortable dormitories in the very center of the city with Internet access, gyms, automatic washing machines and dryers are at students’ disposal. All nonresident students are provided with comfortable dormitory for the entire period of study. The university has its own hotel as well.

All conditions have been created for students for leisure at the university. It has a unique sports complex with an Olympic swimming pool, an ice arena, a universal gym and a stadium. At the student sanatorium students can get a full range of medical and health services. The university has eight amateur art clubs with the national title as well (music band “The Sounds of Time”, pop dance group “Alliance”, Latin American culture club “Solimar”). The library fund is represented by educational, scientific literature, periodicals, fiction. It has 3 reading halls equipped with comfortable furniture, electronic resources room with modern multimedia equipment. There is an electronic document delivery service and a virtual reference service at students’ disposal.